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Nettie S. Clifton Collection

Nettie Clifton was a researcher and genealogist for many years. She researched and documented the Simon family, the Clifton family, related families in Patrick County, and the many families of her friends.

"Miss Nettie" as we called her, shared her work with others very willingly. On her many trips to Patrick County from Maryland to visit family and friends, she would stop at the Bassett Historical Center on her way to Patrick. We would visit, and then she would leave with us some of her research or her new book that she had completed since her last trip. We valued her friendship, her rare sense of humor, and her kindness shown to everyone here. Our patrons valued her documented research which helped so many people who have researched at the Center. We never got to play Scrabble with her, but that is just as well! She loved that game and she knew how to play!

I would get tickled at times when she would try to show Jay, her son who accompanied her on these trips, something having to do with her research. Jay, one could tell, was not into genealogy, but that didn't deter "Miss Nettie" as she would continue with her explanation.

"Miss Nettie" was born 18 July 1927 and passed away 20 February 2012. She loved her family, as she was one of twelve children, her two sons, her grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She loved her many friends, and we loved her and miss her greatly.

The many years of research completed by Nettie Clifton are housed in the Patrick County Museum and in the Bassett Historical Center.

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