Bassett Historical Center
Nettie S. Clifton Collection
Lela C. Adams Collection
O.E. Pilson Collection
John B. Harris Family File Collection (African American)
Eunice Kirkam Collection
Photograph Collection of Martinsville Credit Bureau
Blandford Towler Anderson Collection
The DuPont Collection
The Tultex Collection
Ruth Fair Morris Collection
Ethel Stacey Family File Collection
Virginia Stone Windle Collection
The Barnes Collection (13 volumes)
The Church Collection (18 volumes)
The Kitchen Collection (11 volumes)
Genealogy Family Files In Collection
Local History Files numbering 2580
North Carolina Marriages from early 1700s to ca. 1868 on microfiche
Personal Computer Genealogy Collections numbering 121
The Manuscripts of Grady Garrett (Volumes 1 - 106)
Bassett Folklife Project: Taped Interviews
The Bruce W. Locke Collection
William G. "Bill" Hill Display
The Bicentennial Collection
The Bassett-Walker Collection
Yearbook Collection
The Drewey Wayne Gunn Collection