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Virginia Stone Windle Collection: Item List


*  = These files have been merged with the BHC family, history and/or DAR files.






4-H Club and Home Demonstration Club

*Aaron (family)

Abbitt, Watkins (Sr. & Jr.)

Academic Competition (SCAEL) 1988 – 1995


*Adams, Clyde Olanda (death at Tultex)

Adams, George & Jean

Adkins, Jeff


Airplane Crash (July 1964)

Airports – Local

Alexander  twins

*Aliff murder-Thomas Trial

Allen, George

*Allen, Sidna (Hillsville, VA)

Almond, J. Lindsey

American Business Women – Woman’s Club – Secretaries

American Field Service

American Furniture Company of Martinsville

*American Revolution articles

Amos ‘n’ Andy (25 Dec 1935 episode)


Anchor House

Anderson, Rev. R.T.

Andes, Tarleton

*Andrews family

Andrews, Haden (man in a box)

*Anniversaries (Wedding)

Anthony, Martha

Antiques – Local

Appomattox Courthouse

Archibald, Parker

Arey, Linda

Armstrong, Ward

Artists - Local

Ashworth, Gus & Annie

*Attorneys - Local

Augusta Military School

Averett College

Averett College Alumnae Association 1960s

Averett Colelge Alumnae Association 1970s – 1980s


Bagley, Smith

*Baliles, Cindy (Lover’s Lane Murder 1978)

Banks - Local

*Barker, Kylene

Barter Theater



*Bassett Industries

*Bassett Library

*Bassett – First National Bank

Bassett Industries

Bassett-Walker (sale to VF Corp. 1984)

Bassett-Walker/VF Corp. (1963-1991)

Battle, Bill & Barry

Battle, John S. (Gov.)

Beam, Frances (Social Services)

Beauty Queens (local)

Beck, Howard & Corrine B.

*Beckner (family)

Bedford, VA – WWII

Belcher, Doug

Benedetti, Joseph

Bestler, James Michael

Beville, Rev. Lee H.

Bicentennial (1976)


Bing, Dr. John (WMVA programs)

Bishop, Dr. Curtis V.

Blackard, Benton S.

Blakeney (drowning)

Blizzard of 1993

Blue Ridge Fisheries, Inc.

Blunt, Mary Elizabeth “Prilly”

Boaz, Noel

Boehm (porcelain)

*Bolejack (family)

Books and Authors (local)

Bouldin, J.W. “Jack” Jr.

*Bowles (family)

Bradshaw, Nancy

Brewery (Eden, NC)

*Brides 1930s – 1990s

Bridges (old)

Broaddus, W.R.

Broun, Charles C.

*Brown (family)

Brown, Bo (column 1985-1987)

Brown, George W.

Budd Co.

Burch, Thomas G. & Thomas J.

Burge, Billy & Margaret

Busey, Jay


Business Expo 1992

*Businesses - Local

Byrd, Col. William

Byrd, Harry Jr. and Tom

C.F. Sauer Co. (1887-1987)

Camp Rochichi – YMCA (Lynchburg, VA)

*Campbell (family)

Cancer Society (local)


Cardwell, Gary

*Cargill family

Carlisle – 1968-1975

Carlisle – 1976-1979

Carlisle - 1980-1982

Carlisle – Spring Fair planning notes 1970s

Cars – antique

Carter, James L.

Carter, John Waddy

Carter, Kathleen (Mrs. T.R., “Miss Kathleen”)

Carter, Nancy – coverlet

Carter, William Letcher Pannill “Buck”

Centennial (Martinsville, VA)

*Chaffins (family)


Chatmoss Country Club

*Cheshire (family)

Chisholm, Joe (Deputy Sheriff)

Christmas Cards (1920s)

Churches - Local

Civic Music

Civil War

Clark, Linda & Carolyn Widmann FitzRandolph

Clark, Maggi

Clark, Sallie Mason (Mrs. J.W.)

Classical Female Seminary

*Clift, Jesse D. (family)

Club Directory 1969

Club Directory 1974

Cobbe, Toy Lacy

Cole, WC III & Betsy

Coleman Furniture Co. (Joe B. Shumate, Jr.)

Coleman, Marshall

Collins, Gary

Colonial Cooking

Communists – Henry Co. – Blitz, Dorothy and Allen

Community Hospital

Compton, Lewis

Consolidated Investors (1950s – 1970s)


Copenhaver, Harry (family)

Covington, Kenneth

Crabtree, Mark

Craig Sisters (Bassett, VA)

Craighead, Moses N.

*Critz family

Critz, VA

CROP (1970s)

Crouch, Robert P.

Cub Scouts

Culler, Alice

*Cumisky (family)

*Cutchins, George (MHMHC guard killed by hit & run 1978)

Cycles – Motor & Bike (local)

Dalhouse, Warner

Dallas, Bruce

Dalton Gang (SAGA – Nov. 1958)

Dalton, Jack

Dan River Inc.

Daniel, W.C. “Dan”


Danville – Historic Sites

*DAR – Abram Penn

*DAR – Dorothea Henry

*DAR – Fort Trial

*DAR – Joseph Martin

*DAR – National

*DAR – Virginia

*Davies, Charles

*Davis (family)

*Davis, D.S.

*Davis, Mary Jo

*Davis, Suzanne Martin (Mrs. Milton) death

Deans, Claudia Switzer Ingram

*DeBruhl (family)

Debutantes and other Young Women

*Decker (family)

DeHart, Carl

Democrat Convention 1985

Democrats (local)

*Deshazo (family)

*Deshazo, Wanda Lee (murder by Anthony Tyrone Hairston)

Dick, Martha (artist)

Dillon, Dwight & Roxann

Division of Motor Vehicles and Cars (1975)

Doctors – Local 1985

Dogs and owners

Dolls and Dollhouses

*Dominick, Hayne

*Donati (family)

Donovant, Frazier, Tyree House

Doyle, Wilbur (family) & Doyle Lumber

*Draper  (family)

Draper, Miss Mary (Mrs. George W.)

Draper, Steve

*Drewry (family)

Ducks Unlimited


*Dyer, H.N.

Eastern Star

Eden, NC

Edmonds, Don (city manager 1980)

*Edwards (family)

Edwards, Ray

Edwards, Taylor

Elks, Oddfellows, Pythians & American Legion

Employer Support of National Guard and Reserve (1984-85)

Energy Crisis-Gas (1970s)

England, Ron & Claire

*English (family)

Epperley, John D.

Exchange Club and Fair

*Fagg (family)

*Fain/Meadows Shooting (Spencer)

Fairystone Park


Falwell, Jerry

Ferrum College


*Fieldale-Collinsville High School


Finley, Joe

Finney, Charlie

First Baptist Church of Martinsville

Fischer, Ruth Giles

Fishburne Military Academy

Fitzhugh, G.S. Jr.

Flint, Cort

*Flythe, S.S.

Ford, Peter S.

Forest Park Country Club

Foster, Kathy

Franck, William F.

Franklin Co., VA

Friedell, Guy (column)

*Frith, James Burness (family)

Frye, R.J.


Gallimore, Elwood

Garden Club of Martinsville, VA

Garden Club of Virginia

*Garden Clubs (local)

Gardner, Ben & Phil

*Gates family

Gateway Streetscape

*Gautsch (family)

*Gendron (family)

German Baptists

Giesler, W.E.



*Golfers (Local)


Goode, Virgil Sr. & Jr.

Governors - Virginia

Gregory, Clinton

*Groves (family)

*Grubbs/Ramsey Trial

Gusler, Sam

*Hagood, Walter Hugh “Chipper”

Hain, Rev. & Mrs. James A.

*Hairston (family)

Hairston Clan, Inc.

Hairston Wedding Gown

Hairston, Mobile

*Hairston, William L. III “Bill”

Haley, Mike

Hall, Dr. William B. (Patrick Co., VA)

Hall, Husky

Hamilton, John and Michael

*Hamlet, Butch

Hamner, Earl Jr.

Hampden-Sydney College 1977

Harris, John B.

Harrison, Geneva (Christmas Cheer)

*Hart (family)

Hartford, W.D.

Hatcher, Carroll (articles 1967-1971)

Hatfields and McCoys (end dispute)

Hawkins, Charles

*Haysom, Elizabeth (murder trial and sentencing)

Heater, Lance

Hedgecock, Elma W.

*Helms, Mike

Henry County

Henry County – Clerk’s Race 1985

Henry County – Controversies (1975-1977)

Henry County – History

Henry County - Jail

Henry County – Maps

Henry County – Marrowbone Watershed

Henry County – Politics

Henry County – School – Bassett High School (1974 – 1978)

Henry County – School – Figsboro Lawsuit 1969

Henry County – School – Hollifield

Henry County – School – Magna Vista (1977 – 1982)

Henry County – School – Ridgeway School (Sept. 1985 – Feb. 1986)

Henry County – School – Superintendent, Branch K. Rives (1960s & 1970s)

Henry County – School –Superintendent, Paul H. Jones (1973 – 1983)

Henry County – Subdivision Ordinance 1974

Henry County – Treasurers, letterhead and envelopes

Henry County & Martinsville Clubs

Henry County & Martinsville Economic Development 1960s

Henry, Patrick (letters)

*Hensley, Dick

*Hensley, Fran

*Hensley, Jimmy

Highway Engineers – Coffman and Amos

Hill, Linda (MacQueen)

Hill, Martha “Wheat” (Martin) correspondence


Hockaday, Dr. Jeff

*Hodges, John

*Hodges, Sandra

Hodgin, Ellis (suit against Martinsville 1969)

Hodnett, James & Rieves

Holland, Darryl

*Hollifield (family)

Hollifield, J. Foster

Holt, Kathleen

Homestead (Bassett High School, 1976)

Hometown, USA restaurant

Hooker Furniture

Hooker Furniture annual report 1991

Hooker - J. Murray I & II, Judge John D. and Judge H. Lester

*Hooker, S.H. (family)

Hope Harbor

Horne, Chevis

Horses and owners


Hospital Follies 1967

Hospital Follies 1974

Hospitals & Doctors (local)

Hotel Roanoke

Hotel Sheraton bid (Martinsville 1980s)

Houchins, Dr. & Mrs. George L.

Houston, Sam

Howell, Joe (Mitchell-Howell Ford)

Hufford, Nicodemus


*Hundley, Frank R. (family marriages)

Hundley, Morton E. (Lucy Lester Brown)

I-73 (1994 – Mar 1995)

*Ingram, George

*Irby, Jethro H. (family)


*Jessup, Grady

*Jessup Furniture Corp.

Jesus Joint

Johns Hopkins Medical News

Johnson, James H. Jr.

Jones, Dr. Robert W.

*Jones, J.W. (family)

Jones, Paul

*Jordan, Dr. Robert S. III  (family)

Jouett, Jack

Joyce, Hannibal & Mary Lou

Joyce, Harrison & Paulina

Joyce, J. Daniel

Joyce, Madeline


*Kearfott (family)

Keesee Education Fund

Kelly, Mike

Kilpatrick, James J. (articles)

King, D.F. (chandelier)

King, Joseph Wallace

King’s Grant Retirement Center

King’s Mountain Quarry (car recovered)

Kiser, Jack

*Knighton (family)

Knights of Pythias Convention 1938

Koger, Pat – column Oct. 1989-Oct 1991 (placed in notebook)

*Kolodny (family)

*Koumparakis (family)

Krauss, Bill & Judith Cline (PAA)

*Kretschman – Hopkins (abduction and murder 1983)

*Ku Klux Klan

*Lacy (family)

Lacy, Elizabeth B.

Lacy, Frank M. (company)

*LaFave (family)

Land, Miss Roy

Langhorne, Hilma Nease

Lanier Farms

*Lavinder (family)

Lavinder, Janie

Lawler, Robert P. Jr.

*Lawrence, Wade (family)

Leavitt, Russ

Lee, Martha Redd

Lee Telephone Co.

*Leisy (family)

Lemons, Mary

*Lester, George (family)

*Lester, L.L. (family: Victor, Lawson, Ralph)

*Lewis, Dr. William D. (family)

Liberty Fair Mall (groundbreaking)

Library – Blue Ridge Regional

Liddell, Mary Agnes (Dunaway)

Lintecum, Lee

Lions Club (1970s)

Living History Day 1980-1981

Long, Hank

Longworth, Alice Roosevelt

Lynchburg, VA

MacBryde, M.H. Jr.

Mahan, Dennis

Mann, Robert W.

Mapp, Alf Jr. (Portsmouth, VA)

Maricich, Robert (American of Martinsville)

Marshall, Hilda Grey

*Martin, Betty Jo (family)

*Martin, J.C.

Martin, James L. and Irene

Martin Processing – Julius Hermes

Martinsville and Henry County Local Government

Martinsville and Henry County Merger Proposal 1982

*Martinsville Association of Retarded Citizens (MARC) – Mental Health

Martinsville Bulletin

Martinsville Bulletin (27 Nov 1949 insert)

Martinsville Business and Professional Women’s Club

Martinsville Central Business District 1973-1975

Martinsville Chamber of Commerce

Martinsville Christian School

Martinsville City Council 1976

Martinsville City Council 1978

Martinsville City Council 1981-1982

Martinsville City Manager – Earl Reynolds

Martinsville Clerk’s Race 1985

Martinsville Daily Bulletin (21 June 1939 & 23 June 1939)

*Martinsville High School

Martinsville Novelty

Martinsville Police

Martinsville Railroad Station fire

*Martinsville Schools 1974-1982

Martinsville Uptown Revitalization 1993

Martinsville Welfare Board

*Mason family

Masonic Lodge (Piedmont)

*Matthews (family)

Maxwell, Stuart

May, Dr. Joseph

Mayo River Dam Project Proposal 1978-1980

McCabe, Dr. J.P.

McCall, Oliver (boxer)

McClain, Allan

*McDaniel (family)

McKee, M/M James Peyton

McLawhorn, Joseph

Men (Local; 1930s-1970s)

Mentally Handicapped – local services

*Merritt deaths – 1993

*Michaelides, Alexandra (Bruce) murder

Miller, Ray

Mitchell (Roy, Ruth, Henry)

Mitchell Motor Co.

Mitchell, Pat

Mitchell, Ruby

Monday, Eric

*Montgomery, Dot (Mrs. James B.) family

*Moore, H. Grady (family)

Mormons (local) 1977

*Morten, Spencer & Mary Elizabeth Bassett

Mother of the Year (1965-1977, incomplete)

Mt. Olivet Christian Church

Muse, William B. Jr.

Muse-Hodge, Naomi

Musicians – local (1970s mostly)

Musicians & Vocalists (local & regional)


Nease, Bill

Nester, Jimmie

Noland, Thomas B.

Norman, W.M. “Tiny”

Nursing Homes and Senior Citizen’s Meetings

Oakwood Cemetery

Oilers – baseball (mostly 1975)

Old ’97 Wreck

*Pace (family)

*Pannill (family)

Pannill Knitting Co.

*Pannill, William L. (family)

Parks and Recreation Centers

Parrish, Beverly Spotswood (Sr. & Jr.)


Pathfinder, 23 Aug 1930 (Lindberghs)

Patrick Co., VA – bicentennial

Patrick Co., VA – Hardin Reynolds Memorial School

Patrick Co., VA – weavers (Swazis)

Patrick Henry Community College – 1960s and 1970s

Patrick Henry Community College – 1980s and 1993

Patrick Henry Community College – Annual Reports, Letters, Financial Statements, Commencements, Etc.

Patrick Henry Community College – Walker Building

Patrick Henry Community College – William F. Stone Library and Hall

Patrick Henry Foster Care Services

*Patrick Henry Mall

*Patrick Henry National Bank

Payne, L.F.

*Pedigo (family)

*Penn (family)

Penn, John (signer of the Declaration of Independence)

Penn, Melinda

Petty, Robert O.

Pharis, John H.

Philpott, A.L.

*Philpott, Edward Jefferson “Bud” (family)

*Philpott, W.J. “Jaybird”

Piedmont Arts Association

Piedmont News & Observer (first 3 issues)

Piedmont Trust Bank

Pinkard, Anthony M. “B.B.” (ABC agent)

Pittsylvania County, Virginia - Bicentennial

Plaster, Moyer Reed

Polio (Mother’s March 1957 & early 1960s)

Pollard, George D.

Poore, Virgil – School Superintendent 1984-1987 and The Naming of Magna Vista High School

Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II by Joe King

Powell, Lewis

Powell, Linda

*Price, Dr. H.V. (family)

Prillaman, Albert Lee

Prillaman, Morton

*Prillaman-Wingfield Abduction

Pritchett, Joseph Wilson

Pulaski Furniture Co.

Pulliam, Vicky – Miss Virginia 1981

Punkin’ Vine

Purcell, Mike

Pyle, Markham


Randolph, M/M Cary Q.

Ravanel, Dr. J.A.

Realtors and Housing 1970s

Red Cross

Redd, Sammy

Refugee families

Remsen, Crawford Oneal “Tony”

Republicans (local – 1970s)

Rescue Squads

Retail Merchants Association

Reynolds, Earl Jr.

Reynolds, Ed, Gwen & Pamela

Reynolds Homestead

Reynolds, J. Sarge (Virginia Lt. Governor)

Reynolds, W. Roscoe

Richardson, George “Guinea”

Richardson, Judge Frank Irvin Jr. “Tunk”

Richardson, Tina

Richmond, Dr. Marion D. “Chunk”

Richmond, John

Richmond, Virginia (building histories)

Ridgeway Subdivisions (early homeowners)

Road Construction (1950s, 1960s, mostly 1970s)

Roanoke, Virginia

*Robertson, Roy (killing)

Rogers, Richard D. Jr.

Roop, Terry

Rosario, Dr. & Mrs. Antonio

Rosser, Jim

Rotary Club

Roy, Miss Gabrielle

*Ruckelshaus (family)

Ruffner Institute

*Rumley, Taylor

Russ, Erwin & Evelyn


Salvation Army

*Scales, Shelton (family)


Scott, Lee (trial – Roanoke 1949)

Scott, Wendell O. Sr. (death)

*Scouras (family)

Scouts (boy & girls) Local

*Selman, John family

Sensible Concerns About Toxins (SCAT) & R.P. Thomas Trucking Property (Fayette St.)

*Severt, Jim & Eliza (family)

*Shelton (family)

*Shelton, Maynard


Shook, Wendy

Shorter, Paul R.

Shot Tower (Wythe Co., VA)

Shropshire, Jay

*Shumate, George J. (family)

Sibbick, Bill

Sims, Wilbur “Billy” & Anne

Slaughter, Enos “Country”

Smith, Fred D. & J. Randolph (1970s)

Smith, John Redd

Smith, Michele Hooker

Soering, Jens



Southern Seminary

Sparks, Bob (balloonist)

*Spencer (family)

Spencer, VA

Spencer, VA (airplane crash, 14 Nov 1982)

*Spencer/Terry Feud (SAGA – Nov. 1958)

Spilman, Robert H. “Bob”

Sports – Local Athletes

Sports Car Club (1962-1963)

*Sprinkle (family)

*Spritz (family)

*Stanford (wreck 1963)

Stanley Furniture 1960s – 1990s

Stanton, Nancy

Staples, Abraham

State Library – Ella Yates

*Stegall killing (Dr. & Mrs. Robert Jr. – 1973)

Stepping Stones

Stone, Nora

*Stone, R.L. (family)

Stone, Susan F. (Piedmont Trust Bank embezzlement)

*Stone, William F. (family)

*Stover, Emmett & Grace

Stuart, Flora Cooke obituary (Mrs. J.E.B.)

*Stultz (family)


*Tavenner( family)

*Taylor (family)

*Taylor, Frank

*Taylor, William A. (family)

Teague, Dr. Francis B.

Teague, Gene

*Terry (family)

Terry, Mary Sue

Theatre - Local

Thomas, Evelyn Fitts

Thomas, John Charles (first black Supreme Court Justice of VA)

Thompson, Carrington

TIME (9 Jun 1924 – Carter Glass)

Tinsley, Barry

Toastmaster’s Club

*Townes (family)

Train Depots (local)

Train Derailment (1975)

Travelers Protective Association

*Trent, Charles W. (family)

Trent, George Washington

*Trials – Local (1973-1976)

Trimpey (letters to the editor)

Trott, Samuel S.

Tuck, Bill (includes Churchill’s visit to Richmond, VA)

Tultex (Tully)

Turner, H.L.

Turner, Louis

Turner, Robert


United Fund

US Military in Iran (WWII)

University of Virginia

Uranium (1981-1982)

Valee, Rudy (visit to Martinsville)

*Varn, Rex (family)

Veterans History Project (national)

Via, Marion Bradley

Virginia – Historic Places

Virginia Blower

Virginia Mirror Co.

Virginia Museum of Art

Virginia Museum of Natural History

Virginia Women – Lynda Robb’s project

*Wade, Sonny

*Waleski (family)

*Walker, Matthew Lee

*Walker, S.S. (family)

Ward, Luther Columbus “Smokey”

Washburn, Dr. Hezekiah

*Watkins (family)

Watson, Peter Penn and son, Edwin M.

*Weaver (family)

Wesley Guild

*West, Francis T.


*Whitaker, Lou

White, G.T. & Medley

Whitener, Robert L. Jr.

Willey, Ed

Williams, Clyde

*Williams, Jesse (chief) vs. Betty M. Miles

Williams, Robert

Wilson, Dr. Goodridge – The Southwest Corner column

Wilson, J. Frank

Wilson, John D. “The Stroller”

Windle, Virginia

*Wingett, Max (family)

*Winn (family)

Wise, Henry A.

Witt, C.P.

Womack, Dr. Charles T.

Women (Local; 1940s – 1990s)

*Woodson (family)

Woody, George W. Jr. (murder)

World War II (locals)

World War II – William R. Windle

Wray, Ginny

*Yeaman, John (family)

Young, Bill

Young, R. Reid

Zehr, Francis E.



Brown Family Notes

Jacob Prillaman DAR Gravemarker


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